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1040EZ is FREE - 1040A $19.95 - 1040 $39.95
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Fax or upload your prepared tax return to us. It's checked for errors & you'll get your refund faster!

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Fill out a simple answer sheet, fax or upload your W2s, and your tax forms are done in a day or two!


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Refer your clients for IRS e-file
We've been providing Tax Pros and their clients with award-winning e-file services for 20+ years.

About HyperFiles and FormCloud
Learn how you can share documents and host forms, securely and conveniently, for your clients.

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2019 Filing Season News: IRS plans to open tax season on January 28 for both electronic and paper tax return filers  >>

Practitioners: 2019 Filing Season literature has been updated and is now available.. We're looking forward to working with you  >>

Our Cool Calculators for the new tax season (Tax Year 2018).will be posted soon.
Stay tuned  >>

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